Project Ideas

Below are some ideas for Master’s theses, bachelor projects and other projects for students at the IT University of Copenhagen. Contact me ( to get started.

  • Multilayer Graph Association Rule Mining: Use a newly developed multilayer graph mining algorithm to create a framework for the inference of evolution rules of a multilayer network. The framework can then be applied to perform link prediction: detect which new edges are likely to appear in the network, and in which layers.
  • Trustworthiness in World Trade: Using a newly developed algorithm to estimate trustworthiness in a network of financial relations, estimate the trustworthiness of countries in world trade. The hypothesis is that, while normal mismatches are driven by the size of the country, adjusted mismatches are driven by the level of corruption and informality in the country.
  • Meme Success and Fake News: People like innovative and surprising memes, and they make them spread virally. Fake news are unconstrained by reality, and thus they are more innovative than real news. Does that mean that fake news have an inherent advantage over real news in reaching more people more quickly?
  • Personal Identities in Online Discourse: People have an internally consistent image of themselves, which they use to present themselves to the world. However, in different communities they will adopt different images. Do they also behave differently, to adapt to their different self-imposed label? This would be an NLP-heavy project, analyzing the relationship between language and community flairs on Reddit comments.
  • Network Sampling: Online social networks are too big to be downloaded using their API system. One needs a smart way to sample the network one node at a time to get the most representative picture possible. There are many methods to perform network sampling, but we could adapt some ideas from a related field to generate a new one.
  • Some other random keywords. If you find any of these intriguing, you can talk to me about them to see if we can carve a project out of them: The problem with Flagging Fake News in Social Media; Hot-or-not utilitarianism solver; Network similarity measures; Rise of the “shaming” subreddits; Multiplex Economic Complexity Index; Inflation of News; Central place theory and synthetic networks; The Oscar effect; Content-creation networks and meritocracy; …